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Your Soul is the Only Guide

You Need on Your Healing Journey

As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Medium, Rhonda Lee will scan your body and soul to help restore your energy, so you feel whole again.



Greetings, sweet soul

You have come here because you know it’s time.

It’s time to surrender to the love you deserve. It’s time to let go of the hurt, the stress, the uncertainty, the emptiness.

It’s time to embrace your innate and infinite wisdom. It’s time to discover the power within. 


Whatever blows life has dealt you, it’s time to release the pain.

Let’s prepare you for your healing journey.  

Imagine yourself drenched in beautiful, warm golden light. You are draped in love. 


Take a deep breath. Now as you exhale, imagine all that tension leaving your body.  


Allow yourself to relax. 


Picture yourself in a shimmering white cape that emanates your radiant energy and protects you from all negative energies in the ether. 


There now, you are safe and you are loved.

YOU are the light you need to snuff out the darkness and find your way forward. And it’s been within you all this time, my friend. 


Your light was just on a dimmer switch and got turned way down. Now it’s your time to shine bright. Rhonda Lee is ready to take these steps with you.




There’s a good chance you’re here because someone you love and respect told you about

Rhonda Lee Spiritual Apprentice. That, or you saw her on YouTube or TikTok. In any case, she is honoured that the stars have aligned and you are here where you are meant to be. There are, after-all, no accidents.


As a certified Reiki Master and a practicing spiritual medium. Healing through the spirit is her life’s purpose. 


For as long as she can remember, she has had the gift of third sight.

You can find a Reiki treatment anywhere, but this gift from the spirit allows her to scan your body at the soul level and get straight to the root of your energy imbalance. It’s a profound ability that she honours deeply. 


Rhonda Lee will read your body’s soul and help you restore the flow of healthy energy.


And, no, you don’t have to be in the same room or even the same city for her to do this.

In the spirit realm (some know it as the quantum plane) where your healing takes place, time and distance do not exist.


Your soul knows no geographical bounds. 


As we balance your energy flow, Rhonda Lee will engage her deep intuition and connection to the divine. She will communicate with your Soul's Support Team, including those who have passed, but still have their wisdom to share with you.


Together,  brightening your light. You will begin to heal. 


And you will find your wholeness again. 


You desire what you deserve, and you deserve what you desire.


If you feel compelled, book your soul session.

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