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Helping people on their healing journey is my life’s purpose. As a Reiki Master and a lifelong medium, I work in the spiritual realm to read your body’s energies and soul, to help you restore your inner light.  


With me, what you see is what you get. I am not draped in silks. I wear a hoodie and leggings with an arm full of chakra aligning bracelets. That’s my daily uniform, it’s not ‘for show’. 

You may also recognize me as Rhonda Lee Spiritual Apprentice  for over a decade. I have an Alberta Business license, Town of Didsbury business license & a proud member of the Didsbury Chamber of Commerce. Recently, the proud recipient of the 2022 Spirit of Didsbury award along with The Reader's Choice - Albertan - Silver in Holistic Healing.


I know struggle. I know divorce, dysfunction, stress, imposter syndrome—all of it. It really sucks. But, sweet soul, I’ve also discovered the joy and beauty that come with surrender. 


I don’t want you to spend another minute of your experience in this lifetime with that weight on your shoulders. A weight that can be released by clearing your energy. 


According to my mother (Hi Mom), I have been connected to the divine since I was a year and a half old.

I pushed my gift down for years, not willing to accept such a big and scary responsibility. 


But when you’re given a gift from spirit, spirit is the only one who can take it away. So, in my thirties, I finally began to embrace my gift and study it so that I could fully understand its power. 


I learned about the rules of the spirit world and how to recognize the angels. I learned the importance of consent, how to know when to stop, and when a message can’t wait to be shared. It’s like I’ve been invited to the divine party line! 


I call on my deep intuition and the assistance of spirit to aid me in fulfilling my life’s purpose, which is to help others on their journey.


I didn’t choose this as my path—my path chose me.

I am grateful for the gift of third sight. I am also grateful for each and every soul that entrusts me to restore balance to their energy chakras.

If you feel so compelled, book a Soul Session and begin your journey towards the light of healing and balance.


Please take a moment & read the testimonials page from the 100's, received over the years. Goosebump worthy.

Looking forward to connecting, Sweet Soul.

Rhonda Lee

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