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Your Soul Session - What To Expect


Welcome, sweet soul.

If you’ve landed here, you’re likely curious about energy healing and the unexplainable.

That curiosity is your soul telling you what it needs.

It wants to let its light shine bright from within you.

It wants to wrap you in love.

And it wants you to find the right guide to help you restore your energy’s natural balance and release painful blocks.


That’s why Rhonda Lee invites every soul to begin this chapter of their healing with a Soul Session.

Your Soul Session is like a meet-and-greet, except we skip the small talk and let your soul and energy do much of the communicating. 


Rhonda Lee's role is to intuit deeply and accept the assistance of spirit in reading your soul and getting to the root of why your energies are out of balance. This gift of third sight is what sets her apart from most Reiki practitioners and allows Rhonda Lee to address the root source of your energy blocks. 


You'll both get to know each other. She may ask you a few questions about yourself and you are welcome to ask Rhonda Lee about her journey. By the end of your Soul Session, you will both know without any doubt, whether you are destined to work together in the interests of your healing journey. 


And rest assured, no matter where you are in the world, Rhonda Lee can use her gifts to help you.

Your soul knows no geographical bounds.

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